Air-Con Cleansing Service

Make all your driving a breeze this summer.

Book your Air-con Cleanse and get a Summer Safety Check thrown in - all for just £19.99

At Vauxhall, we believe summer driving should be pure pleasure. That’s why we’re offering an aircon cleansing service and 25-point summer safety check.

Your car’s air conditioning should always provide cool, refreshing air on demand. But if you haven’t had it checked recently, bacteria and mould can build up inside the unit, producing stale air which can even caused allergic reactions and breathing problems.

That’s where the Air-con Cleanse service comes in. Our experts will thoroughly clean your unit, removing bacterial build-up and leaving your car delightfully fresh, all summer long.

  • Air-con unit as clean as new
  • Prevents bacterial build-up
  • Fresh air guaranteed.

When you book, we’ll also carry out a 25-point Summer Safety Check at no extra cost. We all know hot weather and holidays means more long journeys – so why not ensure your car’s in tip-top condition before you hit the road or carry young passengers?