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Vauxhall Grandland X

From £25,365

Grandland X Offers

With a sporty design and off-road looks, the Grandland X has elevated seating for five people, generous luggage space, good all-round visibility and a raft of safety technologies. At 4.48 metres long, it is the largest SUV in Vauxhall’s range, offering lots of cabin space.


FROM £32,390.00

Powerful. Economical. Cutting-edge. The Grandland X Hybrid4 packs a 1.6-litre petrol engine and two electric motors. It's our first-ever all-wheel drive, plug-in hybrid vehicle.

An SUV with innovative plug-in hybrid technology takes efficiency even further. Using a fully-charged electric engine only, the Grandland X Hybrid4 can drive distances of up to 35 miles and produce zero exhaust emissions. So you enjoy an efficient and exciting driving experience.

Fully electric cars are currently tax-exempt and can be up to 70% cheaper to service and maintain. Drivers can also save on fuel. A conventional car costs 12p per mile to run, while an electric vehicle only costs 3p per mile.

Feel the power, with up to 300hp at the touch of a pedal. You can also go further, more affordably, with a combined fuel consumption (preliminary WLTP) of 204 mpg. Goodbye to range-anxiety.

Exterior style

The Grandland X is ready for your adventure. In fact it looks ready for anything. with its elegant lines, muscular curves and an athletic poise it has brains, brawn and agility packed into this powerful SUV.

Interior design

No matter what your journey, from a school run to a grand tour, it’s a greater ride in the New Grandland X. Spacious, comfortable and smart, its hi-tech innovation, style and design makes any journey fun.

Get a Grip

Grandland X available with Vauxhall’s IntelliGrip adaptive traction control system. Five adaptive traction control modes to suit any terrain – or weather. Torque distribution automatically adjusted to deliver power exactly as required


Driver assistance systems

A new generation of driver assistance systems protects New Grandland X with a safety zone for maximum relaxation and minimum risk. For example, traffic sign recognition, lane assist and an automatic emergency braking system which can safely slow your speed in heavy traffic, while keeping you in total control.

Surround vision with 360° camera

Tight parking spot? New Grandland X doesn’t just look out for you: it looks all around you. There’s an optional 360° surround vision camera that shows objects surrounding your car on screen. Makes reversing out of a tight space easy.

LED Adaptive Forward Lighting

Own a car that thinks at the speed of light. Adaptive forward lighting is New Grandland X Elite’s intelligent LED headlight system that shapes the beams according to your driving situation.​

AGR ergonomic seats
Sit down and relax, we’ve got your back. In fact, your back couldn’t be in safer hands than with New Grandland X’s optional, ergonomically certified AGR sports seats. Featuring full lumbar support, extendable and tiltable seat cushion and plenty of adjustable settings, it’s great back therapy.

Heated windscreen, seats and steering wheel
There’s nothing like a warm welcome on a chilly day. Which is why New Grandland X is available with an optional heated windscreen for clearing fogged or frosty windows, as well as heated seats and steering wheel for toasty comfort. So no more cold starts to the day.

Hands-free power tailgate
Effortlessly open the tailgate with no hands? No problem. With New Grandland X’s optional hands-free powered tailgate, you can pop it open by just waggling your foot under the rear bumper. Perfect if you’re carrying shopping or a heavy load in both hands.

IntelliLink Infotainment systems
Journeys just go quicker with great entertainment don’t they? With New Grandland X you’ve got state-of-the-art entertainment. Every model features a colour touchscreen that lets you seamlessly connect your mobile devices to enjoy your music, stay in touch and find your way with sat nav standard on most models.

Wireless charging
Wires, who needs them? New Grandland X’s very handy, optional inductive wireless charging system means you can charge on the go by just placing your device on the charging pad. It’s a new tangle-free, hassle-free world.

Premium Denon® sound system
It’s our humble belief that no journey – short or long – should be without the perfect soundtrack. It’s why New Grandland X is available with an optional, premium Denon® 8-speaker sound system with subwoofer to make the most of your favourite tunes.

Engine range
Time for a power trip. After all, it’d be rude not to mention how great the New Grandland X is out on the road. Powered by a range of high-tech, efficient and lightweight engines, it shows off smooth, capable performance that makes it a truly addictive drive. Just give it a spin and you’ll see.


Some stunning photos taken by one of our staff to share with you of his Grandland X North Coast 500 road trip to Caithness.

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