Fully Digital: New Mokka First to Bring Future Vauxhall Cockpit Image

Fully Digital: New Mokka First to Bring Future Vauxhall Cockpit

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Fascinating: interior characterized by new Pure Panel with large displays
Digital detox: displays provide most important information about driving situation
Luton – The next-generation Mokka clearly and boldly shows what Vauxhall models of the 2020s will look like – pure, precise, reduced to the essentials. Vauxhall-Opel Design Vice President, Mark Adams and his team have developed a philosophy for a design language that combines clarity with bold expressiveness. The philosophy applies to the interior as well as the exterior of the next-generation Mokka. The driver now looks at a Pure Panel, a high-tech cockpit that is both fully digital and yet focussed – “detoxed”.

“With the new Mokka, we bring the Vauxhall Pure Panel to our customers for the first time. Large displays, seamlessly integrated into one horizontal information format, a minimal number of physical controls and clear detoxed digital information, all together create an optimised customer experience”, said Vauxhall-Opel Design Vice President, Mark Adams.

The structure of the Vauxhall Pure Panel, along widely stretched screens, makes a multitude of buttons and controls superfluous. It provides the latest digital technologies and the most important information for the driver, for example, management of the energy stored in the battery of the electric Mokka, without any irritating visual stimuli. The minimal number of buttons and controls offers the right balance between digitalisation and purely intuitive operation, without needing to navigate into sub-menus. The Pure Panel in the Mokka impressively shows how Vauxhall uses innovative technologies to make life easier for customers.