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Winter Tyres

At Scottish Vauxhall we can help you find the right Winter tyres for your car

Below 7°C the rubber compound in all summer tyres hardens, causing a drop in performance and an increase in braking distance by up to 12%. The average winter temperature in the North and North East of Scotland is approximately 0°C, most likely even lower during commuting hours. Therefore, you may want to consider switching to winter tyres over the next few weeks to ensure they are giving you the best possible grip come rain, ice or snow. Choosing the right tyres for the job will give you greater control and confidence with a 50 per cent shorter braking distance in cold conditions. And it’ll keep your tread intact much longer. Get in touch with us to find the right tyres for you.

You could also book your car in for a Winter Safety Check with us, and, from just £10, one of our Vauxhall-trained technicians will complete a 29 point comprehensive check of your vehicle and, we will top up your fluids and give you peace of mind for the long winter months.