£1000 Cashback Available on Vauxhall Electric Motability Image

£1000 Cashback Available on Vauxhall Electric Motability

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Our Motability offers today are based on our available allocation

Why choose Electric now?

• Get ahead of the pack. 20% of all new cars registered in 2024 must be electric, 80% by 2030 and 100% by 2035

• Everyone will need to go electric in the next few years, petrol and diesel engine are now a thing of the past

• We can give you an electric car with a £0 advance AND give you £1,000 CASHBACK! *see terms

• Motability will provide you with a home charging point, FREE OF CHARGE

• Up to a 209-mile range on a full charge

• Running an electric vehicle is more economical and also benefits the environment

• Is it cheaper to charge an EV than fill a car with fuel? Refilling a petrol or diesel car costs on average between 19 - 21p per mile, while recharging your electric car can cost as little as 3p per mile for home charging, around 14p per mile on lamppost chargers and around 18p per mile for rapid public charging

• A fast charger will charge your car up to 80% charge in 30 minutes

• We can source your new electric Vauxhall without any delay

Try our electric range for yourself and experience the effortless, smooth joy of driving electric.








*£1,000 cashback incorporates £750 from Motability and £250 from Regency / Autovision”