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Doing the extra mile - by Euan Mackenzie and Sandy Peden

January 2015

Euan Mackenzie and Sandy Peden of Mackays of Dingwall, top-class customer service certainly doesn't end in the showroom.

During a chilly December afternoon, an elderly couple in some distress arrived at the Retailer, having walked over a mile from the town centre, to report that the key for their Astra was not functioning. They were due to head on holiday the day after and were concerned about leaving their car on the town's high street. Parts Consultant Euan explaiend to the copuple that ordering a new key would take a few days but also re-assured them that help was at hand.

Euan said: "I was just looking after them same way I would want to be treated if I found myself in the same dilemma."

Euan then enlisted teh help of senior technician Sandy Peden and they headed to town to see what they could do, while the couple warmed up in the showroom with a hot cup of coffee. Fortunately they were able to get the car back to the Retailer and promised the couple that they would look after their car until the couple returned from their holiday. To ensure that the couple got home safely, Euan even requested a courtesy car and drove them back to their house.

Sandy said: "I like to go to that extra mile to help our customers, especially if they appear to be facing some form of hardship or problem, as the smile on their faces after we fix things up is worth it all."